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Body Transformation Competition

Posted on Mon 30th November 2015 in News

So we all know how we look in the mirror, right?

more importantly.. we know how we would -love- to look though, right?

So! We are holding a body transformation competition for real people, no photo's from when you was 13 years old and the next one at 35 packed with muscle. That doesn't count im afraid, although top marks for trying!

So the aim of the competition across the winter months.

*Keep us motivated

*Push harder to win

*Eat clean

As every time you fall off across this winter, it could be the gym session missed or cheat meal annihilated that lets the next man or woman pull into the lead.

So we suggest get your meal prep started, your proteins topped up, your BCAA's loaded, your Glutamine rammed in and get into the mental mind frame of winning!

OK lets say you are not after a winning spot for example (secretly you are but lets pretend your not)

The competition is a way for yourself to keep a goal in mind or on the fridge reminding yourself you are doing this for yourself, no one else and only you can achieve the body/health you desire with the dedication you put in.

You sorta try

You sorta get results

YOU control this. YOU want it. YOU go and get it.

Applicants interested in entering the competition we ask a couple of things.

1. Take your starting photo on the date we suggest with the newspaper of some sort.

 Try to do the same pose even in the same clothes (you may wish to wash across the winter at least once)

2. Inform us your Height, Weight, Age.

3. One week before the competition ends, we must have all your new transformation photos or you may miss being entered.

There will be several blogs go up regarding this competition, dates, times entries etc so please keep popping back and keeping up to date