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Coffee variety!

Posted on Tue 20th October 2015 in News

Who doesn't love the smell of roasted coffee beans?

If you don't know what I'm talking about, then you need to get your head into a pot of our new Coffee range of Protein Isolates infused with your favourite coffee blends.
For the extreme coffee lovers, we have the intense Café Americano, for the creamy coffee lovers we have the Café Latte and for the coffee lovers with a little sweet tooth as well of course we have the popular Vanilla Late we didn't forget about you.
The base is a Whey Protein Isolate, Infused with a coffee blend which gives you a protein rich shake, low calories, low sugars (as low as 0.1g) per serving with the beautiful aroma of coffee.
Our Coffee range still packs a protein punch, with a 30g protein count per scoop (33g) a huge amino acids pool, rapidly absorbed and beautifully flavoured.
The range is being extended as we speak, we will soon have Hazelnut, Expresso and also a choice of shots to go into your protein flavours. Such as Caramel, Hazelnut, Maple syrup (it is nearly Christmas after all) and many more. Keep an eye on our website for updates across all the ranges!

If you are a real coffee enthusiast and think we have missed a flavour your taste buds are crying for or you think of an amazing blend yourself, please let us know!

Email John@fortifiedsupplements.co.uk

and I'm sure if its sensible our taste experts can get this done!