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Diet Guide - Little insight on what we should eat.

Posted on Fri 2nd October 2015 in Diet Plans

Right, food! - The most important bit about anyone's health, gains, weight loss and much more.

Eating right, is 80% of your results. Remember gains are made in the kitchen, not the gym! Yes the gym overloads the muscles, burns the calories from and makes us feel great - the bit people forget it doesn't matter how hard you train, how far you run. If you don't fuel the body with right nutrients at the right times you will stay where you are, or even backtrack.

A starting point for % of nutrients I would recommend 40% protein, 30% Carbs, 30% Fat. Now don't read the word fat and panic, there are such things as 'good' fats believe it or not. We would not be standing here today without some of these fats in our body.

Below I will list sections for Protein, Carbs and Healthy Fats. You can pick one from each category and it makes a perfectly balanced meal.

For an example, for a male or female looking to grow muscle mass with minimal bodyfat. a meal could be like this. 1 chicken breast 100-150g brown/white rice. and some broccoli. That's a balanced meal.

Protein shakes, add flaxseed, peanut butter, oats.

Below you will see some options you have of healthy eating choices.

MEATS: (our protein main sources)

chicken breast

chicken thighs

turkey breast

lean ground turkey

lean ground beef

pork tenderloin


lean deli turkey breast

least deli roast beef

SOME DAIRY: (protein)

cottage cheese

Isolate whey protein shakes

greek yogurt

low fat - reduced fat yogurt

low fat milk

low fat cheese


whole wheat crackers

brown rice

whole grain cereal

rye bread

whole wheat English muffin

whole wheat bagels

whole wheat tortilla (for chicken wraps, yum)

whole wheat pasta


sweet potato



green beans


bell peppers

mixed vegatables

brussel sprouts (could get windy)

bok choy









blueberries (one of the best )




Post work out:

I do shake and oats as its quick and easy

also a quick handful of gummy bears


white bread



This is just an idea, You can mix it up add or take away and incorporate your own ideas. Remember the kitchen is one of the most important places for any athlete or training individual, regardless your activity. Get you head around this and you will see results!

Remember a multi-vitamin is essential for the nutrients not consumed from your diet, supplements are a good idea for ensuring you have the right amounts on top of your food and/if you struggle to get it all in.

Some of our proteins are ideal for meal replacements, CLA, L'carnitine are great to assist along the journey for weight loss.

These are just a few, Feel free to browse the store for a more detailed idea on supplements alongside your diet.