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Reasons Women Should Lift Weights Too

Posted on Fri 15th January 2016 in News

It will surprise you that the amount of females I have had chats with about training and who believe cardio is the one and only way to achieve their ideal figure. Which to be fair without researching, the majority of us head directly for the treadmill.

Well I'm here to explain there are other ways of doing this. Weight training - now don't panic, females just don't have the hormone levels to hold any huge amount of muscle mass. As a male myself, believe me it is hard work for us to gain size with testosterone levels. So relax, Your weight training would be slightly different to that of a male. You will be conditioning your muscles (toning up) and making the skin more tight around the muscles. Not directly turning into a bodybuilder believe me, I've been trying for 5 years to gain size, I'm still nothing like I would want to be size wise. 

Here are some Key reasons behind why weight training for the females wanting their ideal physique is essential.

1. Strengthens Your Bones and Muscles.

Weight training alone, can help improve your bone density as well as muscle mass. Which in turn can help prevent fractures and breaks of the bones. Stronger bones are always a positive, it is our infrastructure that keeps us standing strong. Much like the Chassis of a car.

2. Burns more calories then cardio alone.

Weight lifting also increases your metabolic rates, burning it up like a furnace as it requires a lot more work to complete. Cardio vs Weight training for the same 45 minutes, You would burn more calories in your 45 minute weight session then you would in your jogging/running for example. Due to the exertion of energy required. Best calorie burning weight exercises such as compound movements (using 3/4 muscle groups for the one excersice) Such as Squats, Bench Press and Burpees (hard work but so worth the effort believe me) Your mirror will love you after a couple of weeks.

No you wont be a bodybuilder! Like I said, You physically do not have the testosterone levels (main hormone for holding onto muscle size)

Higher reps, lower weight. Will condition and sculpt the muscle, not pop it out of your skin.

For example lets say Leg raises - 15 reps x 3 sets. Will not give you huge legs which rub together. It will tone the muscles and burn fat.

Where as if you did 6-8 reps - real heavy weight. You would very quickly notice a size difference in the legs.

High reps - lower weights, is key for females aiming to tone and burn fat.

Unless you want to slightly bulk the muscle (low rep high weight), then follow with condition training (low weight, high reps).The above can work for you.

3. Reduce The Risk Of Heart Attack and Diabetes.

As we age, naturally we lose muscle mass and gain more fat. Mainly due to hormone level changes (lowering). So the weight training can slow down the rate at which we lose this essential muscle mass. So in turn you remain looking young, toned and protect your internals at the same time. How can that ever be a bad thing? Thought so! Exercise can help remove extra levels of unwanted glucose and triglycerides from our blood which alone can help reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. Research indicates weight training helps lower high blood pressure on top of these other benefits. Already beginning to see the benefits here for your body?

4. Improve At Everyday Activities.

Yep, You guessed it! As you become better with your training routine, your muscles become stronger, balance improves, cardiovascular levels improve, bones become stronger - all these things don't just benefit you in the gym. Things as little as running up the stairs when you are desperate for a toilet, you can now do in half the time like sonic. Brining in the shopping, carrying your bags full of 25 pairs of heels you couldn't resist as you now want to show off them toned legs of yours. The simplest things you notice become easier, your mind feels fresher. Energy is increased, stress is decreased. Over all you feel a much better person.

5. Time To Fit It In.

Ok, Lastly. Everyone's first excuse. I don't have the time to train I'm busy. Sorry but that doesn't cut it, no excuses. You pick an area you wish to work on, not the entire body that isn't hitting the specific one area enough. For example, I want my arms more toned and say.. my stomach.

Ok 2-3 x 30 min's sessions every week is enough to start changing things. All the time you spend wishing you had the body of your dreams, time looking in the mirror at what your not happy with. Save all these minutes up an make them your 30 min workout now !

YouTube has tons of videos of little workout ideas. Have a quick browse an implement them into your week :)