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The Range

Posted on Mon 30th November 2015 in News

So as Christmas time rapidly approaches so does our drive in momentum!

We are currently batch testing flavours for our -NEW-

and pre work out flavours.

Things to come:
Within the next 10-14 days the new formula pre workout will be released online!
New flavours such as Mango and Passionfruit, Tropical, Sour apple and many more added to our bcaa powders, creatine powders and also our L'Glutamine powders and of course the Pre work out powder. These will be released very soon now! (14 days or so)

While we have been doing a lot behind the scenes at Fortified, It may look like we have neglected some products on the store, which is not the case. We just wanted to perfect a couple popular products to ensure we are ahead of the game with the potency, formula and flavours.

We still plan to get out some more diet range products, such as the coconut protein isolate with a huge super food injection.

The muscle mass and Lean mass has more products currently in development ready for January.