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The Sprinkle Effect

Posted on Wed 19th August 2015 in News

Have you ever wondered when you are buying products, On the label for your nutritional stats for an example while reading the values, your eyes widen and think wow, this is really an amazing product for the value.

Well I know I have, but in recent years at Fortified Supplements, we originally began as a manufacturer for pharmaceutical products and began working with supplement companies who wanted our services to produce their shiny new products.

Over the years, we noticed that the requirements for their products quality was seriously deteriating. Effectivly your 'NO added sugar' we were being asked to add the sugar content as usual, while they still produce their own labels stating that there is actually no added sugar, colours or preservatives.

The 90% proteins isolates were being replaced with a cheap nasty 50-70% blended whey with other soy and unwanted substances for the real athletes and health conscious.

This is where we sat down and decided enough was enough for us, we do not agree with false advertising, or the whole 'sprinkle effect' Where only a dash of the real label 'claims' were actually inside the products.

So we set out to design, develop and manufacture our own brand. With the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. We strive for complete honesty, the companies are welcome to come and view our facilities and even watch their products being manufactured the whole way across the process start to finish.

So now Fortified has a complete range of products which will compete with any top brand on the market as we ensure, we source ONLY the highest grade ingredients possible on the market, directly from the farms right to our door and the magic begins. No cutting corners, no sprinkle effect, no messing around. 110% real honest products that we gurantee, like ronseal. They do -exactly- what they say on the tin.

So rest assured when you purchase from us, You will never be mislead, no false advertising, no shiny fake labels. Just plain and simple, what you and your body needs, is exactly what we supply. The reason behind this also, is the directors use all their own products and also encourage their staff, friends and family to use a pure, honest and potent product we know is safe, clean and exactly as you expect.