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What Whey Protein to use

Posted on Tue 22nd September 2015 in Training Tips

Originally we began as a manufacturer, for some big supplement companies. Where we would produce their products to the spec they required. We began to notice a drop in quality of what was asked from us, the 82% proteins were becoming a 70% protein, yet still labelled with the same stats as the original 82% that was used (at their request). So when it was time for the consumer to work out their macros, their protein types, sugar contents etc. They were left confused by labels claiming to be amazing, yet an inferior product inside which after a couple weeks of using, would begin to show. This is not what any consumer expects or deserves to deal with.

We did not want to be a part of this, what so ever. So we began the journey producing our own brand and promised to keep it as honest and clinical as possible, produced to the highest of standards, every single time.

That’s when Fortified Supplements was born.

Now when you read our labels, ingredients and nutritional stats for all our supplements, We can guarantee like Ronseal, it does exactly what it says on the tub!

Right! So we offer a variety of protein powders, the main ones are as follows:

Whey Protein Concentrate 60% (a more budget affordable protein)

Premium Whey Protein Concentrate 82% (The highest, legit concentrate we can source)

Premium Whey protein isolate 92% (the highest grade Isolate on the market)

We also offer a Diet Whey Protein and a Micellar Casein.

So what is the difference?

All whey proteins are easily absorbed and help the muscles repair after training. They support fat burning, boost the immune system, can assist in decreasing the appetite and improve insulin sensitivity. They are a great choice to contribute towards the growth and maintenance of lean muscle mass.

All of our protein powders are sourced to offer the highest quality and purity at the best prices. We do not add any bulking agents or fillers. Like mentioned above, We swear by our

honesty and our customers are highly respected. The directors use the products they developed and designed and encourage our staff to use our products too, as we are so confident in our range and the quality across the board.

Whey protein concentrate 60%

Our whey protein concentrate is a great starting point for people wishing to try protein shakes or those that already use shakes to supplement their diet and enhance their training results. The concentrate we sell is our more budget product and offers 60% protein, it is great tasting and great value for money.

Whey protein concentrate premium 82%

Our Premium Whey Concentrate is the next level up and offers 82% protein per serving (25.6g per scoop) again it is great tasting and great value for money. One of the highest grade Concentrates on the market today.

Premium Whey Protein Isolate 92%

Whey protein isolate is a purer form of whey protein, due to this it is more rapidly absorbed than whey concentrate, therefore it is great as a post work out choice. Whey isolate is also virtually fat free, very low in carbohydrates and lower in calories than concentrate. Isolate undergoes further processing to reduce it to its purer form so it is generally more expensive than concentrate due to this. People who seem lactose intolerant or suffer some symptoms of this seems to get on a lot better with an Isolate.

So now bearing in mind the nutritional stats and value for money, all that’s left is for you to wheeey up the options. OK that was bad, I know.

Don’t forget about these two either.

Micellar Casein

Micellar casein is more slowly digested due to its complex interaction with the stomach acids. It has a much slower digestion rate than any other protein type. It is perfect for taking for overnight recovery, so just before bed as your last meal. It releases amino acids to the muscles over the course of several hours so your body is absorbing and utilising the protein and nutrients while you sleep instead of typically fasting. It can also be taken during the day to help you stay full and provide your body with a constant supply of protein, however, as your body repairs when you sleep just before bed is the ideal time. Although people do take casein, when they know they can’t or won’t eat for several hours for whatever reason. Life sometimes plays games like that with us all.

Diet Whey Protein

Diet whey protein is made from the whey isolate to ensure it is low in calories, carbohydrates and fat (122 calories per shake) . We add to this matcha green tea, goji berry powder, L-cartinine and CLA. Matcha green tea contains caffeine and is a proven fat burner as it boosts the metabolism, it may help burn calories by up to four times. Matcha green tea has as many antioxidants as 10 cups of brewed green tea, this is why we only use matcha in our diet whey. Goji berries are high in antioxidants and amino acids as well as being a great source of vitamins they are great for slowing the ageing process and assisting in energy production. They are high in fibre and also contain chromium which helps control blood sugar (meaning you feel fuller for longer), maintain lean muscle and when you lose weight it helps you burn fat faster. L-Cartinine has been proven to enhance fat metabolisation and supplementing with it allows your body to spare the glycogen and utilise the fat instead (use your fat as an energy source basically) . CLA is utilised by the body to regulate fat tissue, it increases your basal metabolic rate so you are burning more calories whilst resting. While it doesn’t decrease overall body weight it will alter the body fat to lean muscle ratio and increase energy expenditure.

Compare our ingredients to other companies, you can see we have active effective ingredients, a small ingredient list and our diet whey is only made from isolate to ensure we can call it diet.

Like mentioned above, Honesty is our key policy. We do not and will never, cut corners. We are heavily involved with our customers and their feedback. The most important thing to us are the highest quality products and the happiest possible customers.