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Who makes the supplements you take?

Posted on Tue 20th October 2015 in News

Fortified began as a manufacturer for other big companies products. As time went on, we noticed the serious decline in the quality and truth behind the labels as to what was actually inside.

As mentioned before, we did not agree with this an cut-off this side of the business an decided to produce our own products. The difference with Fortified Supplements - Every SINGLE item sold is designed, developed and produced in-house. No buying cheap from china, no secondary company producing our products. From start to finish, we do everything and it is carefully followed throughout the process to ensure 110% quality every single time, without fail.

We cannot name the companies we are aware of that do this 'sprinkle effect' type production although we would love to highlight them to prevent this sort of misleading information/products but we can assure you we want nothing to do with them and we will not follow suit.

We cannot stress enough how important our customer feedback and their satisfaction is to us, it is the key policy for us. Nobody wants to be sold misleading products. Hence why we have produced the most honest range across all supplements we supply. So if you buy from us, you know you have purchased a UK manufactured product, start to finish. No messing about.

We will soon have videos and photos up of the production so you can see where the magic happens. Its nice to see where what you buy actually comes from. Plus knowing the company have as much enthusiasm for their products as the customers do on their health and gym life.