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Why Do I Need Supplements?

Posted on Wed 16th November 2016 in News

Why should i use supplements?

We all know by now, if we don't we need to begin to realise. Our diet is 80% of how our body will look.

None of us will have the ideal physique without the essentials all in place. 





Now for example, We can lift weights 5 days a week. Problem being with all this extra energy expenditure, you need to increase the clean calories eaten across a day to leave enough excess calories left, for muscle growth.

"You cannot train like a horse and eat like a bird, expecting results."

Fortified Director.

This works the same, in regards to say weight loss and cardiovascular training.

You can't do your 45-60 mins daily, then go home and have a couple glasses or wine and some bad food choices.Then expect to feel amazing when you slip into your new outfit. 

Now with set diet plans, healthy eating and restricted calories/foods, this can also cause some nutrients being missed from your diet leaving opportunity for malnourishment in some department.

This is where supplementation plays a big role. 

Protein powders for example, are even more bio-available (How easy the body can utilize nutrients) then eggs. Making protein powders an essential supplement, as its the building block to all muscle growth and conditioning. 

Vegan/Vegetarian do not eat red meats, the main source of creatine. Which increases energy levels and concentration levels.

So for these individuals supplementing with creatine for their exercise is almost essential to operate efficiently.

I'll give an example of my own supplement uses and why i use them.

While bulking, My food choices stick to mainly these items,

Chicken Breasts

Basmati rice

Lean turkey

Lean mince

Sweet potatoes

White potatoes



White fishes

Fat free greek yogurts



Whey protein Isolate 

(Rapidly absorbed protein, low sugars and fats, 122 calories per scoop)

Micellar Caesin

(Used as a meal before bed, slow release protein across 8 hours, to keep the body fed with protein across the night, avoiding the dreaded catabolic stat. Where our body eats muscle tissue, for an energy source. (Not good)

Multi Vitamins

During set meal plans and restricted eating, multi vitamins are essential you are getting all the right macro nutrients that are ever so important to the body to function at 100%. Especially when an individual is taking part in heavy duty intense excersice. 


I add 5g of each of these into my protein powder as soon as i finish my work out, as our muscles are like sponges as you leave the gym and will soak up every ounce of nutrients you put inside that hard worked body. 

I even tend to have a cheeky can of coke with my protein shakes after the gym, simply to replace all the lost sugars from weight lifting. This is the only time this is ok, Post work out.


Branches chain amino acids, These i will not go a day without. These are the most important nutrients to prevent the muscle breakdown, and help increase the amino acids you need for growth. L Valine, L Leucine, Isoleucine. 

Ill add 2 scoops (10g roughly) in a 2 litre bottle of water across the day, then during training ill have 1 scoop in 500ml water and sip across the training session. (at say 6pm)

Pre work out

I do love a good pre work out, Fortified have spent months building and testing the perfect formula for extreme muscle pumps and huge energy bursts to get you out your chair and be that beast inside the gym!

1 scoop, 25 mins before i begin lifting.


These naturally release seratonin in the brain, Relaxing you for a perfect nights sleep. Wether you are charged from training or generally thinking a lot, these i rely on for my 8 hours peaceful sleep. They are also known to  induce the release of growth hormone during your sleep. Hair skin and your nails are also known to improve quality while supplementing with 5htp.

I also take ZMA with these 5htp too.