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L'Glutamine Powder

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  • L'Glutamine Powder

What is Fortifieds L'Glutamine powder?

L'Glutamine is an essential Amino acid, much like BCAA.  (which together are a perfect combo). It is essential for the muscles growth and repair, it is advised to consume between 5g-15g across your day.  L'Glutamine can be found in meats but such a small amount, it would be wise to supplement this to get the maximum benefits.

Stack with your BCAA's

Benefits :

L'Glutamine is an essential amino acid, which is one of the king-pin's of muscle building blocks. BCAA along with L'Glutamine  will maximise your muscle gaining and body conditioning results. Although the body does make a very small amount of this amino acid, it isn't enough to benefit someone who participates in intense physical activity. So we would advise any athlete to add this into your supplement plan.

Key benefits :

  • Building block for muscles
  • Essential Amino Acid
  • 100% L'Glutamine
  • Stacks with BCAA 

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