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T5 Extreme Fat Burner

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  • T5 Extreme Fat Burner

What is Fortifieds T5 Extreme Fat Burner?

T5 are a very popular thermogenic weight loss supplement for both men and women . Perfect for anyone looking to boost energy levels, reduce appetite and burn fat. Best results when included with an exercise programme. It has Vitamins to turn the food into an energy source, stimulants for the drive you need, when you need it most. Helping tackle fatigue, boosting energy levels, increased your concentration and overall alertness.

 Benefits :

*Our T5 have a new formula, which will help you lose weight by increasing the body temperature and fat burning abilities. Decreasing your appetite enough to prevent cravings for sweet things, which we all want but cant have until our cheat meals of course. Vitamin C helps turn food into an energy source rather then storing it, Chromium Picolinate can help the macronutrient metabolism, also aiding with your fat stores break down and fat burning capabilities.

Contains Caffeine. *

Key benefits :

  • Fortified's Thermo-genic formula
  • Promotes Weight loss
  • Appetite suppressant
  • Increased energy levels  
  • Contains vitamins
  • Contains Spirulina
  • Increase energy levels


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Suggested use

1-2 30 mins prior to gym, or for non gym goers. 2 in the mornings 

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